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(IE - Kilkenny) - City Buses

geschrieben von: redstarcastles

Datum: 01.06.21 23:20

I met more Blue and Yellow buses today, however these are slightly different from the usual Go-Ahead or Bus Éireann ones. As part of the large order made by the National Transport Authority, a batch of these, I think 7, were sent to Kilkenny to start a new town network at the end of 2019 - two routes which cross the city forming an X type network. The other interesting thing is that these are operated by City Direct, the independent operator in Galway who has been operating a batch of ex London Enviro 400s on City Services in Galway. The Kilkenny buses are registered in Galway, which is slightly unusual but provides a direct connection to City Direct's home city. 192G1615 Gaol Road, Kilkenny 1 June 2021 192G1618 Market Yard, Kilkenny 1 June 2021 192G1617 Bateman Quay, Kilkenny 1 June 2021 More here:




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 (IE - Kilkenny) - City Buses
01.06.21 23:20
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