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American Wagon

geschrieben von: Euro-N

Datum: 01.09.20 18:05

Dear Friends,fr
I am trying to know if this wagon was in serc¡vice in Germany since arround 1949. It was in service in Spain and Portugal and I have read that it was in Germany and France. Anybody have information about. Tahnks a lot.

Re: American Wagon

geschrieben von: Euro-N

Datum: 01.09.20 18:10

This is the picture,

1-mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 01.09.20 18:25.
exact the same doors !

Hello Euro-N,

this Type of Boxcar, with regular doors, exist in a lot of countrys in europe after the war ends.

The germans in BUZ where pressed into buying this wagons (also other types of USATC wagons ).
Others where given to NS / CSD / BBÖ and PKP and probably some more countrys in Europe.
They are mostly handed over under the conditions of the UNRRA Organisation.
They saw limitet (regular) Service in Germany because of the differing Standards to german wagons.
Pictures are rare - when they exist at all.

here two pictures of the open, uncovered Version in west-german service :

1948 , just for special services "Rübentransport" , marked as "Schadwagen":

here one in 1959, with DB markings, not in regular Service, as a wagon for junk and rubble :


Sorry for my old and rusty english.

best regards