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25NC 3514 ohne Feuer!

geschrieben von: 52 2006

Datum: 23.01.05 15:45

Richard Neievn hat gestern Abend wieder eines seiner Erlebnisse bei der SAR in das Yahoo-Forum reingestellt. Richard scheint wohl derzeit bei einer britischen Musemsbahn beschäftigt zu sein, und hatte dieses Wochenende Dampf, daher die folgende Einleitung, nun aber zu seiner Geschichte.

Hi Everyone
Visitors have now gone I can get on with a few more tales of steam
and another bar of chocholate! oh sorry chocolate, Spelling spelling
smelling, oh noF###. Thanks for all the support and all your
letters. It is great to see you are enjoying these tales (exept for
some)The full monty will go on.

It was 2 Feb 1990 and I arrived on duty at 03h20 to work the
Kimberley to De Aar pick-up. I always enjoyed working this train as
it had no time scale and one was not rushed. Only downfall today was
the engine 3514. As I wrote before she was not one of the best 25NCs.
My driver today was Dr Esterhuysen. It was the first time I had ever
worked with him. He always came across as having a good sence of
humour and always seemed to want a joke.
We left with a short load of about 16 wagons and shunted at Modder
River and Belmont before arriving at Orange River.
Due to a light load it was not too hard keeping the boiler pressure
up so far but she was very heavy on coal. The firebox was full and
was going to take a while to get cleanned and the coal was right far
back in the tender.
As always at Orange River we were signalled into the up loop where
we would clean fire and take on water before pulling up the bank and
reversing into the yard.
With the tender full Istill had loads of ash to clean out of the box
but I had a problem, the box was full of dead dusty ash and only a
thin layer of red coals on top. Cleaning a ash fire can be
difficult. When the dry ash mixes with red burning coals it just
about kills them instantly thus making it very hard to throw out old
ash and still save some red fire.
After 40min the driver is in a rush and looks into the box, "wat die
doners het jy gemaak engelsman? jy'd die fokin vuur uitgegooi" (what
the hell are you doing, you've thrown the fucking fire out). I close
the drop grates still with loads of ash in the box and immediately
get the mechanical stoker feeding new coal into the box. With the
blower on hard I see a slight tinge of dark smoke from the chimney
indicating something is happening.
With a new layer of coal on the firebed and steam at 150psi i climb
down and start cleaning out the ashpan using the ashpan pricker.
Normally one would use the spray pipe fed from the injector but with
not much fire and not much steam I was not going to feed anymore
cold water into the boiler.
Back on the footplate driver is sitting in his seat waiting for me
and the signal is off and the shunter is calling but the fire does
not want to burn. "Kom Soutie, maak n plan-die tyd't loop" (come
Salty (Me) make a plan the time is going). I struggle for another
ten minutes and by now we have things seem to be moving and we
decide to chance pulling up the bank then reverse back into the yard.
He opens the regulator and we edge forward but with every beat I can
see the steam pressure gauge dropping less and less. By the time the
whole train is clear of the station points the steam pressure is way
down at 100psi. "Kom agter driver, agter-ry" (push backwards driver)
says the shunter over the walky-talky. As we roll backwards down
into the yard I continue to do all I can to get the fire going
without much joy. We come to a stand just inside the yard. The
brakes have come on due to not enough steam to create
vaccume. "Stoot agter driver" (push backwards driver) calls the
shunter as I continue to struggle with the fire.
Driver looks at me with a big grin on his face and shakes his
head "nie, julle bliksim se fireman, nee ek weet nie" (no, you
bloody fireman, no I don't know). Shunter is still shouting on the
talkie "stoot agter driver" (push back driver). Driver gets on the
talkie and saves my day "hy shunter die pyp lek, pyp lek. Ons kan
nie vaccume kry nie" (hi shunter the pipe is leaking, we cannot get
Shunter walks along the train looking at every truck and listening
for a hissing noise of a leaking pipe. Back at the engine things are
looking up and the fire is showing signs of burning again but only
after 6 wooden sleepers were loaded into the firebox. With 30min
gone by the shunter is still looking for a leaking vaccume pipe. He
comes to the cab and driver shows him the vaccume gauge way down
low. " I have been up and down several times and I cannot find any
leaks, are you sure its not the engine" cries the shunter. "Nee man
dis nie die engine, een van die trokke lek vaccume" (no man its not
the engine, one of the trucks is leaking vaccume) says the driver
with a very big grin on his face.
Shunter goes back off to check the train again for about the 8th
time, he was well fed up by now. With the fire going well now the
steam starts to rise, we now have vaccume and the driver gets on to
the shunter. "vaccume is reg, vaccume is nou reg" (vaccume is now
Shunter comes up to the cab looking rather confused and asks the
driver "wat was die probleem?" (what was the problem?). "Ek weet
nie, dit was eets op die trein" (I don't know, it was something on
the train) Replies the driver. He goes away even more confused and
starts giving orders to shunt.
>From that day on we always knew this shunter/guard as Mr vaccume.
After shunting Orange River and a few other stations along the way
we arrived in De Aar late afternoon and head off towards the railway
hostel for a well earned rest. Driver says to me "you can buy us
lunch today after all the crap you caused at Orange" and so I did.
After 5 hours rest we returned to Kimberley with a short load of 5
DZ coal trucks.

Well it's now -7 celsius outside, 00h20 and time for bed. Been up
since 02h15 yesterday when I worked a train from Glasgow to
Edinburgh and on to York.

kondensierte Grüße, Stefan

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