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Re: Long story short...

geschrieben von: bean

Datum: 30.06.20 15:52

Euro-N schrieb:
Muchas gracias por sus respuestas, son muy interesantes.
Entonces, ¿esta versión de HERIS no es real?
Lamentablemente no. This version is the SNCF/SNCB-Version (without the railings and even without the side blades). Furthermore, Hers made a livery here that never existed in real. „Fernblau“ was introduced 1992 and so about 15 years after the suppression of the brake signs on the edges (white stipe and white triangle in this case) — they officially had to be removed until 1982. Instead, they forgot the yellow edges with the three black stipes that show the ability to be used in passenger trains not only at the train ends (the wagons had wires and pipes for electrical and steam heating, so they can be used between the locomotive and the passenger wagons). Beside of the wagon number and the DB AG logo, the DDm 916 in fernblau should look more like Heris 11316 (that misses the label holder, but this can be corrected quite easily)

You may modify the wagon by adding the metal sheets, the railings and modifying the labelling. If so, you may use this wagon in a time period 1992 to 1994.

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 Re: Long story short...
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